Monday, August 6, 2012

Travel Sojourn: Paris et al Part 1

I really, really love Paris! (no exaggeration here!) Last year, my choir went to UNESCO headquarter to sing for our university's presentation of its 400 yrs. During our stay there, we did a lot of trips which I enjoyed a lot. Last year was the most memorable one( I've been to Paris thrice already. Since we have plenty of time to roam around, I made sure to do my bucket list in Paris: go up the Eiffel, see Mona Lisa and visit Versailles.

{the famous La Seine. How I envy this! I wish our Pasig river is as clean like this}

{Eiffel up close and personal}

{ Somebody told me that the Eiffel is more beautiful in the evening so we decided to visit it at night. True enough it's really breathtaking.The view from the top is also wonderful. You can see the whole of Paris. I didn't want to go down and if only its possible to stay there till morning, i will! haha}

So what do you think of Paris?

More posts soon!


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