Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bargain treasures on rainy season

It's rainy season again guys! It may be a dreadful days to some( (like me!) but it doesn't mean fashion must  suffer. There are few things I still love when in this season (still looking at life in a rose-tinted glass here).  Well, i can now wear my boots and jackets which I normally used when I'm outside the country. Since it's always flooding in Manila, it is best to wear them for sanitary reason. Not only they will guard you from  diseases but also they are cool fashion statements. Recently, I bought items that will rock my rainy days look. I am so happy with my purchases because I got them at a bargain price.


Plastic and jelly footwears are so in the fad right now. This one right here from SM DEPT. STORE spells classic and chic.


I love the buckle detail. It gave the boots an extra oomp!

(oooops sorry if it's a little bit messy. I wore this everyday in my work)


I can do so many outfits with this jacket! The details is so simple. It's nice if you pair it with a cute dress or  jeans and  tank top. I also like the print of the scarf.It's very classy and looks expensive. Can you guess how much is it?

I can't wait to wear this outfit!

So what do you think?

Have a fun rainy day!



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