Thursday, August 9, 2012

God bless our country

I really intend not to blog my usual stuff yesterday to pray for those who were deeply affected by the southwest monsoon. I was really devastated to see my fellow citizens loosing their homes to flood. My heart was more than crushed when I saw little children (especially those new born ones). I wanted to help badly but all I can do  was to pray for them. It's not so long ago that we experience this ( Ondoy last 2009) Many have not yet recovered from the wrath of that storm and now another one hit our country  and its not even a typhoon! but despite all of the misfortunes, we still manage to stand up and rise again. I know we are a very resilient race. This is just another trial given to us by God to show the world how strong and faithful we are. Yes, we can bounce back. "Babangon ulit tau mga kababayan!"

saw this on facebook and it's really helpful.

For donations go directly to:

For relief operations and list of evacuation centers please visit:,-relief-operations-in-metro-manila

Remember,even the smallest deed counts! So let's all help and and bring our country back on track.

Keep safe everyone!


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