Saturday, August 11, 2012

Project Beadloca: Detachable collars

Detachable collars are so in for quite some time now (Ok, I know I'm super late in posting this. But I just want to share what me and my sister did. so we decided to create our own. Here's our take on it. Hope you like them!

So what do you think?


These babies are still available(only one design per piece). If you're interested, just visit our fb page:
Just click our logo at the right side.

Have a fabulous day!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

God bless our country

I really intend not to blog my usual stuff yesterday to pray for those who were deeply affected by the southwest monsoon. I was really devastated to see my fellow citizens loosing their homes to flood. My heart was more than crushed when I saw little children (especially those new born ones). I wanted to help badly but all I can do  was to pray for them. It's not so long ago that we experience this ( Ondoy last 2009) Many have not yet recovered from the wrath of that storm and now another one hit our country  and its not even a typhoon! but despite all of the misfortunes, we still manage to stand up and rise again. I know we are a very resilient race. This is just another trial given to us by God to show the world how strong and faithful we are. Yes, we can bounce back. "Babangon ulit tau mga kababayan!"

saw this on facebook and it's really helpful.

For donations go directly to:

For relief operations and list of evacuation centers please visit:,-relief-operations-in-metro-manila

Remember,even the smallest deed counts! So let's all help and and bring our country back on track.

Keep safe everyone!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Travel Sojourn: Paris et al II

Ok here are some of the random pics I took in Paris. I am very blessed to have stayed near the Eiffel tower. (as in paglabas p lng ng bahay kita ko n agad cia!) Thanks to my hosts kuya Anaquin and tita Yolly Nitural, my stay there was really memorable :)

They have their own version of ourtricycle.How cool is that?? 

I love this apron!
Look at those colorful mini Eiffel. Aren't they the cutest? I needed to buy one!

Now tell me, Isn't it nice to live in Paris? 

Get ready for part III. We'll go to Versailles ;)

Have a blessed night!


Bargain treasures on rainy season

It's rainy season again guys! It may be a dreadful days to some( (like me!) but it doesn't mean fashion must  suffer. There are few things I still love when in this season (still looking at life in a rose-tinted glass here).  Well, i can now wear my boots and jackets which I normally used when I'm outside the country. Since it's always flooding in Manila, it is best to wear them for sanitary reason. Not only they will guard you from  diseases but also they are cool fashion statements. Recently, I bought items that will rock my rainy days look. I am so happy with my purchases because I got them at a bargain price.


Plastic and jelly footwears are so in the fad right now. This one right here from SM DEPT. STORE spells classic and chic.


I love the buckle detail. It gave the boots an extra oomp!

(oooops sorry if it's a little bit messy. I wore this everyday in my work)


I can do so many outfits with this jacket! The details is so simple. It's nice if you pair it with a cute dress or  jeans and  tank top. I also like the print of the scarf.It's very classy and looks expensive. Can you guess how much is it?

I can't wait to wear this outfit!

So what do you think?

Have a fun rainy day!



Monday, August 6, 2012

Travel Sojourn: Paris et al Part 1

I really, really love Paris! (no exaggeration here!) Last year, my choir went to UNESCO headquarter to sing for our university's presentation of its 400 yrs. During our stay there, we did a lot of trips which I enjoyed a lot. Last year was the most memorable one( I've been to Paris thrice already. Since we have plenty of time to roam around, I made sure to do my bucket list in Paris: go up the Eiffel, see Mona Lisa and visit Versailles.

{the famous La Seine. How I envy this! I wish our Pasig river is as clean like this}

{Eiffel up close and personal}

{ Somebody told me that the Eiffel is more beautiful in the evening so we decided to visit it at night. True enough it's really breathtaking.The view from the top is also wonderful. You can see the whole of Paris. I didn't want to go down and if only its possible to stay there till morning, i will! haha}

So what do you think of Paris?

More posts soon!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Project Beadloca: Bib bijoux

As I've said before in my previous post, I am so addicted to bib necklaces. They really spice up any basic outfits. And so, me and my sister collaborate to create 4 uniquely design necklaces for our accessory line Beadloca.

{blue and violet piece}

{ebony & ivory}

{aztec inspired piece}

(butterfly effect}

So what do you think of our designs?
Have a fantabulous day!